Thursday, September 29, 2016


I know if I love you
I have to accept you
You as you are
You as whole

But you showed me
what didn't exist
It was a mirage
A shadow after which I ran

But the shadow was carved
Using ornaments
Ornaments which were apart
They were not your part

You ask me whether I love you?
But I find no YOU
You tell me 'I love you '
But unable to speak the ' I' with confidence

I am trying to look for you
But there is nothing inside the shell you showed

Its not that it was just a wrapper
It's not that there was nothing ever
You have kept yourself somewhere
You are confused and even I as ever

You are trying to push me inside your shell
But if you succeed where will be you My Dear?
And if you stop existing
Nothing will matter
Then whatever I do, you won't be able to feel
Neither today, nor ever

I always wish to see and be with the real you
But do let me know
When you feel, YOU exist

September 9, 2016

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