Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Day at Balsangam

Day a day, Full of kids
An organization, which is very disciplined
Insight into culture
Children learning through quiz, music and sculpture
Mesmerizing speech, expressive skits
Innocent faces, their smiles and small fights
Photographers who volunteered captured this beautiful sight

Day a Day, with lot many volunteers
One standing with pen,  pad and paper
Volunteers in circle, listening to one
Different people with different suggestions and  thoughts
But due to their discipline, nothing led to chaos

A plan to manage the lunch was announced
Followed by instructions on  how to manage the crowd

Day a Day, with a little surprise
Just one girl in the group of volunteers
No, it was not the surprise
But the comment which followed the sight
One man asking her to go and watch the function
She wasn't fit among them, that was his assumption
But when she asked "Are the girls not allowed ?"
Then he had to put a break on his doubt

And yes, off course she was allowed
But the question was necessary to enforce and find that out

All the Rules can not be  written
There are lot many constitutions which are unwritten
Rules are a mere piece of paper, and not alive
Its people who interpret and bring them to life
Important is to ask, understand and know your right
Important is not just to live but to be alive

-November 29, 2016